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SG Translate Together is a web portal that allows users to generate localised translations and submit their post-edited translations to help further train the underlying Machine Translation (MT) engine.
About the Citizen Translators (CT) Project
As part of the Government’s efforts to raise the overall translation and language standards in Singapore, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has called for volunteers with passion in language and translation to join as “Citizen Translators”, an initiative under the National Translation Committee (NTC), and part of the SG Together Movement.

This project is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore which aims to harness the expertise of the translation community to crowdsource public feedback for Government communication materials. The NTC also hopes to engage CTs in meaningful and enriching programmes such as translation-related sharing sessions and seminars.

CTs will also support the vetting and proofreading of Government communication materials as well as identifying translation errors, if any. They will have access to the functionalities on the SG Translate Together (SGTT) web portal and help post-edit translations generated by our Neural Machine Translation engine – SG Translate. These edited translations will then be used to train SG Translate to raise its accuracy.

Additionally, to appreciate the CTs’ contributions, a Recognition and Training framework has been put in place. We hope this will also help to enhance their volunteering experience and support them in strengthening their translation skills.

Interested parties may sign up as a Citizen Translator by registering on this web portal. Click here

About the National Translation Committee
The National Translation Committee (NTC) was formed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) on 1 March 2014, to oversee short-term and long-term plans to enhance whole-of-government translation capabilities and see to improvements across the industry. It is a collaborative effort involving the public, private and people sectors to address translation-related issues.

The NTC is made up of members from the media, academia, the translation industry, as well as government representatives. The committee is chaired by Mr Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Communications and Information, and Ministry of National Development.

The NTC also works alongside three Resource Panels (RP), namely the Chinese RP, Malay RP and Tamil RP. The resource panels will provide expert advice on specific translation problems.

For more information on the NTC, please visit this page.
About the Centre of Excellence for Translation
Over the years, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has introduced various initiatives to raise translation standards in Singapore. With an increasingly diverse and complex communications landscape, and the proliferation of alternative and competing voices in the online sphere, there is a need for the Government to get its voice heard, by pushing out official information and debunking falsehoods in a timely and effective manner. This reinforces the need for translation of key government communications materials.

This growing translation demand forms the basis of the establishment of a Centre of Excellence (CoEx) for Translation within MCI. The aim is to further strengthen MCI’s in-house translation capabilities and partnerships, which includes working with a pool of experienced translators attuned to Singapore’s social and cultural norms, to help ensure translations produced suit the local context. Other functions under the CoEx include facilitating technological development, policymaking, operations and enforcement as well as providing support to the National Translation Committee (NTC) and the respective language Resource Panels (RP).
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