image_Government Terms Translated
Government Terms Translated
image_Glossary – Parliament of Singapore
Glossary – Parliament of Singapore
image_Glossary - Legal Terms
Glossary - Legal Terms
image_Glossary - Free Trade Agreements
Glossary - Free Trade Agreements
image_Singaporean Mandarin Database
Singaporean Mandarin Database
This database contains a collection of Mandarin terms which have cultural, historical or sentimental value unique to Singapore. These terms may be used by Singaporeans in the past or at present. Some of these terms are read in print while others are used in our everyday conversations.
image_Street and Building Names (Chinese)
Street and Building Names (Chinese)
image_English to Chinese - Glossary
English to Chinese - Glossary
image_English to Malay - Glossary
English to Malay - Glossary
image_Glossary - சொல்வளக் கையேடு
Glossary - சொல்வளக் கையேடு
This glossary, which contains English terms and their Tamil equivalents, is a joint effort by the former Translation Standardisation Committee for the Tamil Media (TSCTM) and former/current members of the Tamil Resource Panel (under the National Translation Committee). This glossary was supported by the Tamil Language Council.
image_Vocabulary - Tamil Language Council
Vocabulary - Tamil Language Council
image_English to Tamil - Glossary
English to Tamil - Glossary
image_National Translation Committee
National Translation Committee
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